Embroidery & Print Options: Cumbria Workwear - Stitch & Print

Why All the Different Printing and Embroidering Techniques?

For those of you who are interested in just how we produce your finished garments; for leisure or work, we try to explain what the different embroidery and printing techniques bring to a product. Find about the actual techniques as well as the pros and cons of our different methods using the menus on the left.

Discover just how many different ways Stitch and Print can personalise or brand your staff uniforms or leisurely T shirts! Choose the technique that's just right for your brand, your celebration or event!

We have a long history now of supplying great products to business clients and individual customers around Cumbria.

Whether it's Maryport Blues Festival who wanted some cool hoodies or Friends of Blencathra who needed a range T- Shirts, fleeces and hoodies to keep their favourite Lakeland fell in public reach, we can deliver a print or a stitch on almost any clothing item you care to suggest!